Wind-Daemon tutor

Face of
High Concept
Spirit of Air and Intellect, as well as corruption
Incomprehensible to mortals, but definitely involves possessing power and influence over powerful mortals – and also lots and lots of hedonism
Tutored Erik Lorentsen

Gaodgig (possibly Gaoth-gig) is formless and invisible.
It will speak to those who can hear the Wind, and teach them the Winds’ secrets. It knows much about persuading humans, and appealing to their basic urges. If it has an agenda, it’s not easily comprehensible to humans – but in any case its influence is corrupting to Mortals.

If asked to by a mortal – especially a sorcerer or warlock – it can command mighty winds and weather systems. Whether it can do this of its own initiative is not clear.

The influence Gaodgig wields over Erik & Mette is a source of immense prestige and literal power among other spirits.


Barndomsvennerne Erik og Mette lærte deres troldomsevner fra Gaodgig, på toppen af Lindehøj i skyggen af det oldgamle lindetræ.

En primitiv gengivelse af det sindsbillede Gaodgig indgyder af sin skikkelse.
Dette indtryk er gået igen fra forhistorisk- til moderne tid.


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